The cloud is bloated

Linux wasn't created
for the cloud

Why Unikernels?

Why unikernels? Why not containers? Why not just plain old linux? Valid questions indeed. What we've learned is that these two options simply are not options anymore - not for the cloud of 2020. Security is a total nightmare while massive amounts of wasted compute are making Jeff Bezos the richest person in the world.


Improved security

Security is the same shit show it was in the 90s - only worse. There is a lot of low hanging fruit that can be dealt with without having to resort to tack-on reactive based approaches. Plus - where's all the linux security software? It doesn't exist. Let's have some sane security out of the box - finally!

  • No Shell
  • Single Process
  • No Users
  • Way Less Code
  • Built in - Not Tacked On

No Ops

It's funny we named the tool OPS cause OPS fully embraces a 'No OPS' lifestyle. We feel a lot of existing tools sacrifice too many things for extensibility which leads to complexity creep and all of a sudden everything you wanted before is unattainable. Why can't we have both?

  • No messing around with servers
  • No room to shoot yourself in the foot
  • Easier to debug
  • No complicated infra setup
  • Serverless like environment

Small footprints

Who cares about size? Anyone who wants to move fast and get shit done. That's who. Anyone who is disgusted by current devops deployment practices today. Anyone that wants to do better.

  • Smaller than Linux
  • Smaller than Docker as a whole
  • Uses Only What is Needed and Nothing More


We're only getting started with performance. We still have a lot left on the table. Where do we get that performance boost from?

  • Faster than linux cause lack of process context switching
  • Faster than containers cause of native virtualization
  • Faster than containers cause of native networking
  • Faster than containers cause of native disk